Wildstar Medic Class Reveal…Bring The Pain As Well As The Heals

Don’t let the name fool ya.

There’s lots of goodies coming out of the Wildstar camp today, so let’s take a look at what the newly revealed Medic class has to offer.

The Medic can perform as both a dps and healer with some abilities doing both depending on what your aiming at. What you’ll be aiming are too state of the art resonators that can perform a number of high-tech abilities. The Medic is the only class that rocks medium armor, and you’ll need it as you dodge enemy attacks while healing your enemies because you will also have a medium range. The Medic is highly mobile and will be in the thick of things when the bad stuff happens.

How It Works

Medics in Wildstar will have two resource mechanics. The core resource is power cores. There are four available for use in activating big-time abilities, and these power cores regenerate when using basic attacks or passively when out of combat. Medics also have a secondary resource called focus.

Wildstar Medic Class

Players will be able to actively acquire targets with some abilities, but can also create fields out in the world called Stations which can either heal allies or damage enemies depending on the type. Medics also have access to probes which they can attach to players or enemies that can buff and heal allies, or debuff and explode on enemies. Devastator probes can be detonated on enemies for extra damage, and Repair probes can be detonated on allies for a burst of healing at the end.

The Medic is a very mobile class and moves at full speed at all times, even when casting abilities. Medics will be rewarded in Wildstar by having proper positioning in fights in order to stay out of enemy attacks, assist allies as needed, and drop and utilize Stations optimally.

Medic Abilities

Some examples of Medic abilities include:

  • Energize – An innate ability that instantly fills up power cores and grants offensive and support buffs
  • Annihilation – An instant ability which creates four waves of energy. Hit enemies with all for waves for increased damage. Medics can also cast this ability at a certain location and keep moving while the waves generate from the original casted location
  • Gamma Rays – The Medic fires 3 damaging projectiles at an enemy

Wildstar Medic Class

There are different types of fields, or stations, available for the Medic to use in Wildstar, each with its own unique effect. Some station may drop a limited time AoE heal, while others are not activated until and ally or enemy come into contact with them.

Wildstar Medic Class

The Medic’s basic attack is a channeled cone ability that does sustained damage.

Wildstar Medic Class

The Wrap-Up

The Medic in Wildstar is the guy who has all the latest and coolest gadgets and fills and area up with lots of lasers and plasma energy. The devs told us that there would also be plenty of cool electronic sounds to along with the light show.

High mobility and medium armor is essential for the Medic, who will be getting down and dirty somewhere in-between the melee and the long ranged classes. No playing whack-a-mole on a raid frame for the Medic, which is good, because that’s no fun anyway.

Medics can be played by Humans, Mordesh, Granok, Cassians, or Mechari.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the new Medic class Dev Speak video featured above, and also head over to our Engineer class reveal, as well as the new Wildstar Class video that was released today as well.