About us

Wildstar Films is a Bristol-based production company founded by Vanessa Berlowitz and Mark Linfield in 2018. Our dynamic and rapidly growing team is a blend of exciting young talent and experienced hands who have won all of the major industry awards including BAFTAs, Primetime Emmys and RTSs. Together we are always looking for fresh ways to tell stories and our long standing alliances with technology and camera companies keep us at the forefront of visual innovation.

Despite being formed only 2 years ago, we are in production with 2 high end series for Disney +,  and 3 for National Geographic. We recently completed Disneynature’s Elephant, and have a new feature-length film for Disneynature in production, as well as many exciting and innovative shows in the later stages of development.

We have an active diversity policy which extends to training in-country talent alongside our productions with an ambition to grow a network of new voices from around the world, able to tell their own stories.