Senior underwater producer & director

Hugh has been producing world-class wildlife films for over 20 years and specialises in working at sea, telling new and engaging stories from above and beneath the waves. Hugh worked at the world-renown BBC Natural History Unit for 17 years on series such as The Blue Planet, Africa and Nature’s Most Amazing Events, films that have been highly awarded by EMMY, BAFTA, Jackson Wildlife Film Festival, Royal Television Society and Missoula International Wildlife Festival.

Hugh then moved to Silverback Films where he produced two episodes of The Hunt for BBC Worldwide, featuring the dramatic chase between flying fish, dorado and frigate birds as well as the best ever sequence of blue whales. Hugh has just finished producing and directing the two marine episodes High Seas and Coastal Seas for Our Planet, a major new series that will premiere on Netflix in April 2019.

With a First Class degree in Marine Biology and two decades of filming at sea Hugh has built up a deep knowledge and passion for telling stories about the incredible wildlife in our oceans. Hugh has directed some of the most memorable ocean films in recent years and is one of the most experienced and respected in the business.