Tom Stephens

Producer & Director

For the past 15 years Tom has had the privilege of working alongside natural histories leading independent filmmakers in three different continents. Mentored & inspired by those specializing in innovative camera technologies including Ammonite Films, BBC Earth and Brain Farm Digital Cinema, Tom has always looked to tell and find stories with a new perspective. He has produced on seven National Geographic Productions, culminating in the Emmy & Jackson Hole Award winning Wild Yellowstone.

Shooting in remote, hostile and extreme conditions from the negative 40 of Yellowstone’s winter to the blistering +45 of Zimbabwe’s dry season peak. Tom has worked to deliver the highest production values in the most demanding of environments. Collaborating with Evergreen Films & BBC Earth to help break new ground in natural history 3D with the Panda award winning Enchanted Kingdom 3D. Tom has also provided camera technology consultancy for the BBC NHU, Nutopia & Silverback Films. As the Assistant Director to Mark Linfield, the pair have recently finished principal photography in Botswana for a new Disneynature.

Tom Stephens Wildstar Films